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9.24.14 Healthy Neighborhoods Program


Healthy Habit # 1: Snacks that Burn Fat: Cottage cheese-filled avocado!
Here's a fruit and diary combo, this one for when you're craving something rich, creamy, and a bit savory. Remove the pit from one half of an avocado and fill the space with 2 ounces of 1% cottage cheese. For 200 calories, you'll get 9 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber—and no dirty dishes!

Healthy Habit #2: Add walnuts to your breakfast or salad to increase your omega-3 consumption9. Add sunflower seeds, almonds and hazelnuts to your meals to increase your vitamin E consumption. 


Healthy Habit #3: Eat more beans. Beans are clinically proven to promote weight loss. These foods go a step beyond simply adding no fat to your system, they possess special properties that add zip to your system and help your body melt away unhealthy pounds.These incredible fat burning foods can suppress your appetite for junk food and keep your body running smoothly with clean fuel and efficient energy.

Healthy Habit #4: Get at least six hours of shut-eye. Instead of skimping on sleep to add more hours to your day, get more to add years to your life. "Sleep is one of the most important functions that our body uses to regulate and heal cells," says Ferrucci. "We've calculated that the minimum amount of sleep that people need to get those healing REM phases is about six hours." Those who reach the century mark make sleep a top priority.

Healthy Habit #5: Move around!! "Exercise is the only real fountain of youth that exists," says Jay Olshansky, a professor of medicine and aging researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago. "It's like the oil and lube job for your car. You don't have to do it, but your car will definitely run better." Study after study has documented the benefits of exercise to improve your mood, mental acuity, balance, muscle mass, and bones. "And the benefits kick in immediately after your first workout," Olshansky adds. 

Healthy Habit #6: Eat healthier snacks. Here's a quick and easy one. Slice Tomato, sprinkle with feta cheese and and Olive Oil.This healthy snack will make your taste buds happy!


Healthy Habit #7: Visit healthy places like Falcon Park, Auburn NY....a beautiful place to sit and ease your mind and watch a ballgame! A place you can escape from the troubles of the world. Yes, your total health includes-Mind, Body, and Spirit. Check out Falcon Park and get your health on!


Healthy Habit #8: An apple and skim milk snack.
"Almost any fruit is going to make a great snack, but you usually want to pair it with a bit of protein to make it more satisfying," says Bowerman; "unlike carbohydrates, which get used up relatively quickly, protein will help sustain your energy and hunger levels for a couple of hours." Our pick for a protein-fruit pairing: one large apple and one cup of skim milk. This duo will give you 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber for just over 200 calories.

Healthy Habit #9: Fort Hill is the highest point in the City of Auburn and is a beautiful place to walk, jog, sit, stroll or birdwatch. A place you can meditate, and escape from the troubles of the world.Check out Fort Hill and get your health on! *A Finger Lakes birder once said one spring that she had seen every warbler known to frequent the region at Fort Hill.

Healthy Habit #10: Be less neurotic! It works for Woody Allen, who infuses his worries with a healthy dose of humor, but the rest of us neurotics may want to find a new way to deal with stress. "We have a new study coming out that shows that centenarians tend not to internalize things or dwell on their troubles," says Perls. "They are great at rolling with the punches." If this inborn trait is hard to overcome, find better ways to manage when you're stressed: Yoga, exercise, meditation, tai chi, or just deep breathing for a few moments are all good. Ruminating, eating chips in front of the TV, binge drinking? Bad, very bad. very very bad.....

Healthy Habit #11: Think of yourself as a triangle. Each side represents your Mind, Body, and Spirit. If you ignore any of those sides of the triangle... you (the triangle) will collapse. Exercise and take care your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Healthy Habit #12: A daily walk in nature will do not only your spirit well, but your heart will thank you too. Just 20 minutes a day will do the trick. Breathe in Summer and have fun exercising!!

Healthy Habit #13: Music Therapy. Studies have shown that music strengthens the heart and improves the recovery time of patients who were suffering from heart disease. Regardless of the genre of music, listening to your favorite music releases endorphins in the brain that help to improve vascular health. Turn the music on!

Healthy Habit #14: Get down to the Auburn Farmers Market and get some fresh tomatoes, zucchini, basil, garlic, and onion. Add olive oil, sautee ingredients and serve over your favorite pasta and there you go!! Pasta Primavera. Mangia!!Of course it's healthy!!!
Healthy Habits #15: Fat Burning Foods- Barley! BarleyThis filling grain stacks up favorably to rice and potatoes. It has 170 calories per cooked cup, respectable levels of protein and fiber and relativel low fat. Roman gladiators ate this grain regularly for strength and actually complained when they had to eat meat.Studies at the University of Wisconsin show that barley effectively lowers cholesterol by up to 15 percent and has powerful anti-cancer agents. Israeli scientists say it cures constipation better than laxatives - and that can promote weight loss, too. Use it as a substitute for rice in salads, pilaf or stuffing, or add to soups and stews. You can also mix it with rice for an interesting texture. Ground into flour, it makes excellent breads and muffins.
Healthy Habit #16: Order water — and ask for a refill.A new German study found that when you drink 17 ounces of water (about two glasses) within a certain time frame, your metabolic rate shoots up by about 30 percent. Using these results, they estimate that by increasing your current water intake by 1.5 liters a day, a person would burn an extra 17,400 calories a year, resulting in about a five-pound weight loss.