Meet Bubba...

Bubba – is a 7 year old Chihuahua.  When faced with moving, Bubba’s owner placed him and his canine brother in boarding while she stayed with a friend looking for an apartment that would allow her to have both dogs move back in with her. 

After a while, payment for the boarding costs stopped coming in and the kennel was unable to locate her. They had been abandoned and found their way into an overcrowded Alabama shelter. Bubba's brother found a home, but at the age of 7,  Bubba was harder to place and was close to giving his life to make room for other dogs in need.  He hitched a ride north and is now at Helping Hounds waiting for his people to find him.  

He can live with other dogs, we are not sure about cats. Children should be older and respectful.  A calm quiet home is what he dreams of with someone he can snuggle and cuddle with.  He is housebroken and will be your best and most loyal friend!


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Cooper, Wayne, Diogi, Marla, Gloria, Penny, Ellie, Toby, Dixie and Sapphire  of "Save A Life, Adopt a Dog" have all been adopted! 

Julie M. Tafel King of Phoenix, NY "Would just like to thank you for posting dogs that are in need, this is awesome of you, and gets the dogs that are looking for homes out there so much more....this is a wonderful thing you are doing....thank you thank guys ROCK!!!