Weekdays December 8-23 WSEN will feature a dog from Helping Hounds Dog Rescue in hope to find that dog a much needed home in time for Christmas.  Tune into your Morning Show Host Gary Dunes at 7:20 am & 8:20 am with our featured dog description and their letters to Santa! Last year we found homes for almost all of our featured doggies!  

 Our featured Dog today is …Hutton


Huttons Letter To Santa 

Dear Santa,


Not too sure what this Christmas stuff is all about but they told me if I wrote my wishes to you, you can work magic.   I was just a baby last year, so I don’t remember if I had a Christmas or even where I was back then. 


Well, here goes.   I am wicked cute and soft and my fur is very shiny and I know how to smile.   I am not too big and not too small, I am just right at 35 pounds.  I fit into people’s laps just perfectly and that is the best place to be in the whole wide world.  I like making dog friends as long as they let me have all the food.  I will share my food with people no problem and I will share my toys with other dogs, but they need to eat their own food and not try to take it out of my bowl.  I think that is rude.   I have never met a cat, so I am not sure how I feel about them. 


I got to stay with some pre-school kids in my foster home, even a special Autistic child and I loved all of them.  They are great fun to hang out with and they drop food all the time for me and don’t get the least bit mad when I help myself to the food they have in their hands.  I was never mean about it Santa – they just liked to share with me.    If they wanted it for themselves I let them have it.


I still have some things to learn, but I am smart and willing to please.   I know where to go the bathroom and I know what sit, down and no means.   I am getting better at walking with my people.   I love to go for walks and explore the world, so bring me a family that will take me on adventures please.   I am a lot of fun and will keep my family smiling and laughing forever.  


Think that is it Santa.  


Merry Christmas,




Interested in learning more about Hutton and Helping Hounds Dog Rescue?


Visit www.helpinghoundsdogrescue.org.

We are proud to report that Reyka, Tucker, Speedy, Elmer, Nino, Jax Betsie, Baloo, Zeus, Scout, Robbie, Lea, Allie, Cooper, Wayne, Diogi, Marla, Gloria, Penny, Ellie, Toby, Dixie, Kit, Sapphire, Bubba, Kassia, Shaggy & Pepper have all been adopted!