Indiana killings a reminder of John Wayne Gacy

Police say Darren Vann could be responsible for many more homicides.

U.Va. suspect charged in 2005 D.C. area rape

Jesse Matthew has been indicted for attempted capital murder, abduction and sexual penetration.

Turkey allows Iraqi Kurds to join fight in Kobani

The U.S. begins airdrops to get supplies to Kurdish fighters in Kobani, Syria.

The best cities for liberals and conservatives

Not surprising, liberal cities were found in Calif., Md. and Mass. Conservatives flock to southern cities.

Officials: Hunters bagged too many ducks

Conservation officers say two men were well over the limit of six ducks per person per day.

Self-sufficient couple has lived off land for 61 years

For this Colorado couple, a honeymoon spent camping turned into a life of farming. For 61 years, this couple has led life as homesteaders, t...

1,000 will be summoned to seat Boston bombing jury

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces trial Jan. 5, accused in the 2013 bombings that killed three.

Craft brewer buys up all the Count Chocula

Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins bought the cereal to brew in a small-batch beer.

Machete-wielding clown sightings? Not so funny

People dressed in clown costumes are showing up in California, Florida and New Mexico.

Chinese eating exotic pangolin into extinction

The pangolin is a shy, nocturnal animal found in some parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Utah mom accused of killing 6 babies appears in court

A Utah woman accused of killing six newborns and storing their bodies, appears in court.

U.S. planes airdrop arms to besieged Syrian town

The mission was intended to aid Kurdish forces trying to hold off the Islamic State.

13 injured in Missouri school bus collision

Accident happened Monday afternoon near school where team was scheduled to play.

Terror suspect wants details of case against him

Lawyers for Jamshid Muhtorov say they need to know government's surveillance methods.

Woman missing 96 hours found in 'wall of briars'

Search parties were already using cadaver dogs trying to locate Kimara Hughey.