Democratic presidential debate: Highlights as Clinton, 2016 field spar in Vegas

The Democrats met for their first debate of the 2016 campaign.

Donald Trump live-tweets Democratic debate

A unique political pundit is weighing in on tonight's Democratic debate in Las Vegas: Donald Trump.

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Supporters of Ky. county clerk seek legislative special session on religious freedom.

Report confirms MH17 shot down — but why?

Passengers may have been conscious during plane's breakup, report says

Clinton punches back at first Democratic debate

The five Democratic 2016 candidates took part in their first debate Tuesday.

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Analysis: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the big Democratic debate

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State senator could be key in Ron Paul operatives' trial

Campaign workers accused of breaking election law by hiding payments.

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Hillary Clinton gets huge cheer for one word: 'No'

Hillary Clinton gets huge cheer for one word: 'No'

Ohio truck driver accused of being serial killer

Prosecutors say he's killed at least 5 people but been in prison for only 1.