Boston bombing trial prosecution case ends with victims' autopsies

Jurors see grisly autopsy photos as Boston bombing prosecution rests case

NSA: SUV rammed cop car as it tried to get on Army base

1 dead, 2 wounded. Incident does not appear to be related to terrorism, FBI says.

Girl, 4, left home in search of a slushie at 3 a.m.

A bus driver picked her up out of heavy rains.

Five hurdles to an Iran nuclear deal

As negotiators seek a deal before a Tuesday deadline, thorny issues remain.

Obama: Kennedy's spirit can help bridge partisan divide

At the dedication of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Obama called for a "heightened sense of purpose"

Germanwings co-pilot was treated for suicidal tendencies

Duesseldorf prosecutors said Andreas Lubitz, 27, had received psychotherapy.

Dozens of amateur pilots used airplanes for suicide

In at least 44 cases, private pilots took their own lives by deliberately crashing small planes.

Will religious freedom law hurt Mike Pence in 2016?

Ind. gov defending religious freedom law will decide this spring on White House bid.

Rubio touts April 13 announcement for 'something'

Florida senator won't say if Miami-area announcement will be about White House bid.

Former feds charged with stealing Silk Road bitcoin

A Secret Service agent and a DEA agent allegedly stole bitcoin while investigating site.

Boston Marathon bombing trial: 7 things to know

Defense expected to begin presenting its case Monday.

What you need to know about Indiana's 'religious freedom' law

Here's a roundup of the reaction across the USA to Indiana's 'religious freedom' law.

Saudi-led air campaign blunts rebel advance in Yemen

Saudi airstrikes prevent rebel groups from taking Aden.

California snowpack at lowest level on record

California's snowpack is at historically low levels, a casualty of the state's wimpy winter.